Read more about the kinds of cultural analysis and applied research carried out at Lund and Copenhagen (in Danish).

The first three publications are the result of one of the projects, Culture driven innovation for the Öresund Region, within the EU-Interreg IVA programme Oresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak. The authors are teachers and students at MACA Lund and MACA Copenhagen. Articles are written in Danish, English or Swedish.

  1. Kulturdreven innovation
  2. Spatial and temporal modalities of everyday integration
  3. Our daily bread 


Magic, Culture and the New Economy
(edited by Orvar Löfgren and Robert Willim, Berg publishers 2005)
discusses the many ways in which culture and economy are linked today, in branding, trend-hunting and event-making, in fields from biotech to tourism. Most of the contributions are written by MACA teachers at Lund.

Off the Edge: Experiments in Cultural Analysis
(edited by Orvar Löfgren and Richard Wilk 2006)
contains a number of short essays that experiment with new approaches in cultural analysis.
See sample [pdf] | 9index [pdf]

Amalgamations: Fusing Culture and Technology
(edited by Lynn Åkesson and Susanne Lundin, Nordic Academic Press 1999)
approaches the world of high tech and IT in new ways.