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There have been very few updates for this page lately, due to various reasons. We have therefor decided to stop posting here and instead use our Facebook page. You find us at “Master’s Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University”. Many of the MACA classes during the years since we started the programme in 2008 have or have had their own groups, which are sometimes closed. But this is the official page and it is open for all: previous, current and future MACA-students, as well as other curious and interested people. Welcome!



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Open seminars

Here are a couple of seminars that may be of interest to some of you current or previous MACA-students:

21 September: Tim Ingold from the Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen: “One World Anthropology”. It’s in Geocentrum II, Sölvegatan 12, room Pangea. Time: 10:15-12:00.

21 September: Gerard Coll Planas, Universitat de Vic, Spain: “Gender, Class and Capital – Trans lives in Barcelona”.It’s in the department of Gender Studies, M building, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14, room M:226. Time: 13.00-15.00.


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Congratulations MACA14!



Congratulations Mihaela, Nicola, Nhung, Cristina, Elen, Marie, Meenakshi, Laura, Daniel, Ivana, Isabel, Daria, Liang, Feng, Jennifer, Carissa, Natalia, Kit, Yuanxu and Yuanyuan!

Just realised there was no photo of the graduation ceremony for MACA 14 here. Sorry! But better late than never. Here is a photo from 8 June 2016. More is to be found here. Congratulations, Masters of Art!

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Doctoral Student in Service Studies

A position is now open for a doctoral student in Service Studies at the Department of Service Management and Service Studies at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg.  It may be an option for MACA students with focus on topics related to this field. Read more here about eligibility, assessment criteria etc. There is also a link to the page where you apply. Deadline is 15 June 2016.



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Sculpting Modern Men: The Body of Heritage

Seminar with Valdimar Hafstein, University of Iceland and President of SIEF. Monday 29 February at 13.15 in room LUX:C436.

Working with photographs, films, and textual traces, this lecture considers how heritage is embodied. How are bodies of heritage constituted, disciplined, carried, experienced, felt? How are temporal relationships inscribed on bodies? The focus is on a traditional form of wrestling, “glíma”, declared Iceland’s national sport in the early year of the 20th century. Glíma wrestling offers a vantage point on the body techniques involved in the formation of modern national subjects and their relationship to time. Relying on rich visual evidence, the lecture analyzes the sculpting of male bodies through glíma wrestling within two distinct regimes of value: national culture in the early 20th century and cultural heritage in the early 21st century.

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Open seminar at Dept. of Gender Studies

Here is a seminar by Chia-Ling Yang, assistant professor at the Graduate Institute of Gender Equity Education at National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan. It’s in English and open for all.

Racism experienced and demonstrated by Chinese-speaking migrants in Sweden 
This presentation aims to explore racism that Chinese-speaking migrants in Sweden experience in their processes of migration as well as racism they demonstrate against other migrant groups in Sweden. By exposing the linkage between processes of othering among migrants and racist discourses in Sweden, the speaker tries to unfold the limit of certain resistance against racism among migrants and try to find alternatives to combat racism in Swedish society

Date: 9 March 15.15-17.00
Place: Room 221, Department of Gender Studies, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14M, Lund

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Finally an update to this page!

There has been very few updates to this page lately. In fact there has been none… But now things are going to change!

Here’s a couple of pictures from last term when MACA Lund and MACA Copehagen visited an architects’ studio in Copenhagen. Among the staff is a former MACA student. Cultural analytical skills and perspectives can be applied in many areas.


Waiting at the corner. A sunny day in Copenhagen


How many cultural analysts can you squeeze in to an office? A lot!

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MACA students rebranding Lovice ice cream

LoviceFollowing previous successful projects carried by MACA students for the Healthy Marketing Team (HMT), an international consultancy, this year a team of five MACA14 students made a study of how to match the Swedish ice cream brand with its target market. After four months of hard work the students gave a presentation about the results in Ideon Science Park to the representatives of the project stakeholders (the HMT, BoFood and IKEA GreenTech) and introduced their vision of the brand including a prototype for a new ice cream package.

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Guest lectures by Jacqueline van Gent

Open guest lectures by Professor Jacqueline van Gent, English and Cultural Studies, University of West Australia
Emotions, colonialism and material culture, 20 november, kl. 13.15-15.00, (LUX: B336) 
The history of emotions has become a fast growing field of historical inquiry in recent years. We are now beginning to understand how emotions shaped the way people interacted socially and how the meaning of feelings differed across cultures. Emotions were not only invested in other people, but also in material culture. In this paper I explore the shifting meanings and narratives of emotions that were associated with the exchange of material objects between European settlers and indigenous people.  I will discuss how the historical study of emotions can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of early modern societies and their colonial encounters.

Magic, Body and the Self in Eighteenth-Century Sweden, 21 november, kl. 15.00-17.00, (LUX: B336) 
Magic remained an integral part of everyday life in eighteenth-century Europe, despite attempts to ‘enlighten’ the peasants.   In this paper I discuss how the endurance of magical practices, both benevolent and malevolent, was grounded in early modern perceptions of an interconnected body, self and spiritual cosmos. Eighteenth-century Swedish witchcraft trials, which are exceptionally detailed, are a great source for exploring these notions of embodiment and selfhood. The analysis of healing magic, the politics of evidence and proof and the very ambiguity of magical rituals reveal a surprising syncretism of Christianity and pre-Christian elements. I will also explore to what extent a study of magic and popular religion raises new questions for the history of emotions.

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MACA14 on health, seniors and activity

StudiebesökPresentation2We’re happy to welcome our new MACA-students, MACA14!
Their first project is centered around health, seniors and activity. The other day they presented their findings for the client, a training and health centre in Presentation 4Lund, and came up with many good ideas and suggestions for how it could improve. Well done everybody! We’re looking forward to two exciting years together with you.

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Positions in Lancaster

2 PhD Studentships at the DEMAND Centre, Lancaster: Open Call for Expressions of Interest

Two fully funded 3 year PhD studentships in the DEMAND (Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand) Centre are available to start in October 2014.  We are open to high quality proposals from people with a strong background in any area of the social sciences and with an interest in developing a project that relates to the DEMAND centre’s distinctive approach and research agenda.  See for further details.

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Ph D positions in Umeå

Umeå University: 25 salaried PhD positions in the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts at Umeå University is looking to explore new topics in the arts and humanities by investing in strong research areas for the future. We are therefore looking to employ 25 PhD students as part of this strategy of strengthening research in the arts and humanities in Umeå.–264-14.html#eng

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Positions for doctoral students

Right now there are several positions for doctoral students that would be of interest for those of you who have graduated from MACA:

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New semester, new courses


Fika is necessary!




What with the snow and the temperature constantly below zero spring feels quite far away. But nevertheless, the spring semester has begun and that means new courses for both MACA12 and MACA13. Today MACA13 had  introduction meetings for TKAN15 Strategies for Cultural Analysis as well as for TKAN12 Fieldwork and Project Management. Thursday last week MACA12, who will concentrate on the course TKAM02 Master’s Thesis the entire semester, met for a TQRS-seminar:  we discussed the topic, question, rationale and significance for each of the theses.

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Cycling Culture

MACA13 outside The Bicycle Library at Amager, Copenhagen

MACA13 outside The Bicycle Library at Amager, Copenhagen

A new semester, new students and new projects. The MACA13s are now working on their first project. It’s “Cycling cultures” and the client is the Technical Service Department, City of Lund. The MACA-students in Copenhagen work with cycling as well and last week we went there for a joint field trip to the Bicycle Innovation Lab. Interesting!

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PhD scholarships in Sydney

The Institute for Culture and Society at the University of Western Sydney has announced that applications for PhD scholarships are now opened.

The ICS is especially interested in PhD proposals in the following areas:

  • Cities and Urban Cultures
  • Intercultural Dialogue and Transnational Culture
  • Institutions, Governance and Citizenship
  • Cultural Economy and Globalisation
  • Heritage, Environment and Society
  • Digital Research and Cultural Transformation
  • Australian Cultural Fields
  • Culture and Education

Candidates with backgrounds in cultural studies, sociology, anthropology, human geography, cultural history, media and communication studies, Asian studies and other disciplines are encouraged to apply. Applications from international candidates are particularly welcome. See here to find out more research undertaken at ICS.

More information on essential criteria, funding opportunities and the application process is found here. Applications close 22 September, 2013.

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Graduation 2013

IMG_7852_3000pxWe’re happy to present yet another group of Masters of Applied Cultural Analysis. Congratulations MACA11: Ludivine, Ian, Su-Won, Donna, Renata, Chris, Chi-Pei, Ivanche, Cecilia, Agne, Mary, Milda, Miriam, Kasia, Elin, Ashley, Stefan, Kristiina, George and Kaisu.

IMG_7896_3000px IMG_7881_3000pxThe ceremony took place in the assembly hall at the main university building on Monday June 10. It was held together with the department’s Swedish masters programme in ABM: archival sciences, library and information studies, and museology.

Afterwards we walked to the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences for refreshments in the park together with friends and relatives.

Thanks to Cezara and Miriam from MACA12 for help with serving refreshments.

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Such great students!

A couple of weeks ago MACA11 presented their almost-finished-but-not-quite-yet-theses at a marathon seminar lasting for three days. Each thesis was discussed for almost an hour, first by two students responsible for reading in detail, and then by the rest of the seminar. The discussions were really good – we have such intelligent, competent and nice students. Well done everybody!

Three days of interesting discussions with MACA11

MACA12 have presented their projects for the clients in the course Fieldwork and Project Management and did really well. Now they’re writing their individual reports and preparing for the examination next week.  It’s amazing – here’s another group of intelligent, competent and nice students! It’s great to be a MACA-teacher!

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Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening

Seminar with Professor David Hendy (University of Sussex, UK) organised by the Department of Communication and media. Wednesday May 8 at Faculty Club, SOL-Centre, Lund University. 13-15.

‘Noise: a Human History’ is a 30-part series broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the UK in 2013. It is about telling ‘the story’ of sound and listening ‘from prehistory to the present’. What’s involved in translating historical research into a radio series for the general public? And what can be gained by doing ‘big’ history, which, in its pursuit of breadth might lack sufficient depth? David Hendy, who wrote and presented the series, discusses the process of making the series and how it relates to academic questions about the history of sound. He focuses on one of the themes emerging from the series: the way in which the early twentieth century became more ‘sonic-minded’ in the wake of the First World War.

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Corporate clients and applied anthropology

“Anthropology Inc. Forget online surveys and dinnertime robo-calls. A consulting firm called ReD is at the forefront of a new trend in market research, treating the everyday lives of consumers as a subject worthy of social-science scrutiny. On behalf of its corporate clients, ReD will uncover your deepest needs, fears, and desires.”

Read more about ReD, the consulting firm you met in the first course, and applied ethnography in the business world in this article in the magazine The Atlantic. Maybe this is the kind of work you want to do after graduation, or maybe it’s not?

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Seminar: Products, Interaction, Design – It’s all about designing experiences

Prof. Dr. Marc Hassenzahl, Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany. February 26, 2013. Pufendorf Institute, Sölvegatan 2/Biskopsgatan 3, Lund. Lecture room on ground floor.  15 – 18.30

Instead of solely focusing on form, materiality, and instrumentality, designers and researchers now embrace emotion, story, and meaning. Through this, a good part of any (interactive) products becomes intangible – experiences created or mediated through the product. I argue that those experiences must be designed, too. They must become an explicit objective of design, not only an appreciated by-product. They must be even considered before the product. In this view, experiences are stories told through the product and the designer is foremost an author of those stories. Only after having outlined the desired emotional and cognitive content of an experience, the action involved, its context and temporal structure, we can start designing the product. And then, each and every detail (content, functionality, presentation, interaction) has to be scrutinized according to its potential to create or destroy the desired experience.

Creating and shaping experiences requires a profound knowledge of the psychology of pleasure, intrinsic motivation, happiness and well-being and expertise of putting this knowledge into action. This talk motivates Experience Design and highlights emerging themes as well as the consequences of pursuing these themes for the way future technologies will be.

See the HEX site for more information.

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Ph.D. position in ethnology

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, Maximum 4 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Cultural Sciences, Lund
First day of employment: 1 September 2013
Official Records Number: HTPA 2013/43

The Deadline for receiving applications is 2013-03-01

Please note that as part of your application you must include a research project proposal of no more than 1500 words. In the proposal you should clearly define the objective of your doctoral research, and explain how it will contribute to the field of study you are interested in. In doing this you should relate your research objective to both past and ongoing research in your field of interest and indicate the theoretical perspective(s) you anticipate to work with. The proposal should also contain a methodological discussion and time table explaining how and along what time lines you shall conduct your research. Please note that the list of literature references that you include with your proposal are not counted as part of the 1500 word limit.

In order to obtain the application form for the position and to read more about what documents and information must be included in the application please follow this link (English) or this (svenska).

Click here to learn more about what is involved in doctoral studies in Sweden and Lund University.


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Organic Food and Photographic Images

Here’s two seminars that might be interesting for MACA students.

1) Thursday 31 January Jón Þor Pétursson, doctoral student in ethnology, presents his thesis project at Room 202, Kulturanatomen. The seminar lasts from 13-15. If you like to attend, send an e-mail to seminar leader Lars-Eric Jönsson to get the text that will be discussed: “Organic People. Organic Capital and the Co-Production of Organic Food”.

2) Wedenesday 6 February Dr Ilija Tomanic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, lectures on “Researching the Photographic Image”. This is is seminar arranged by the Department of Communication and Media and takes place 13-15 in The Faculty Club at the SOL-Centre. For questions, contact Tina Askanius.



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Applications for 2013 open until 15 January

Apply now for the autumn semester 2013! Click here for the MACA application site, here for University Admissions Sweden, here for Lund University and here for the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. Don’t forget to include a Statement of purpose and a CV with your application. If you have questions, contact Programme Coordinator Charlotte Hagström or Academic Advisor Anna Burstedt.

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God Jul!

God Jul/Merry Christmas and Gott Nytt År/Happy New Year!

Most of the university’s administrative offices are more or less closed over the holiday period December 22 to January 6. If you contact someone by e-mail it may take some days before you get an answer. Christmas Eve (Monday 24), Christmas Day (Tuesday 25) and Boxing Day (Wednesday 26) everything is definitely closed.

For current MACA-students and MACA-applicants: Anna Burstedt (academic advisor) is on vacation until January 7. The main office at Kulturanatomen is also closed for that period. I, Charlotte Hagström, (programme coordinator) is in my office at Villa Holma Friday 21 from 9.00 to 12.00. I will be back there again Monday 7 January. If you have questions send me an e-mail.

The libraries also have limited opening hours this period.

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Researcher: Stem Cell Tourism

Since a requirement for this position is knowledge of both Swedish and English, the announcement is in Swedish only. 

Kulturvetenskaper i Lund anställer en forskare under våren 2013. Perioden omfattar sex månader på 30 procent. För tjänsten ses helst masterexamen eller doktorsexamen inom ett humanistiskt ämne med kunskaper om etnografiska metoder.

Tjänsten är knuten till det nystartade forskningsområdet “Kulturvetenskaplig kriminalitets- och rättsforskning” (KultKrim). I fokus står hur kulturanalys och humanistiska perspektiv kan vara redskap för att förstå och bemöta sociala och samhälleliga fenomen i lagens utmarker såväl som att belysa fenomen och problem inom rätt och lag. Det kan röra sig om legala gråzoner i den moderna medicinens kölvatten där kroppar blir forskningsmaterial och handelsvaror. Det kan även röra sig om motsättningar mellan lagstiftning och kulturella föreställningar om kropp och identitet, och om humanistiska och konstnärliga problematiseringar av rättens begrepp, praktiker och institutioner.

Den utlysta tjänsten ska undersöka ett specifikt område, stamcellsturism. Uppgiften består i att göra en kartläggning av stamcellsturism.

Sökande förväntas vara analytiskt kunnig och kunna bedriva självständigt arbete. Vidare krävs kunskap i etnografi och mycket god förmåga att uttrycka sig i tal och skrift på svenska och engelska. Innehavaren av tjänsten förväntas vara bosatt i närområdet.

För information kontakta Susanne Lundin, Institutionen för Kulturvetenskaper, avd etnologi, tel 046-2224179, e-post

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Lectures by Nobel Laureates

There is no Nobel Prize in applied cultural analysis but physics, medicine and chemistry can be quite interesting too! On Friday December 14 four of the Nobel laureates 2012 will give lectures in Lund.

NOBEL LAUREATES IN PHYSICS 2012,  Serge Haroche and David J.Wineland
Serge Haroche“Controlling photons in a box and exploring the quantum
to classical boundary”

David Wineland“Superposition, entanglement, and raising Schrödinger´s cat”
When: 13:30-15:00
Where: Palaestra

“The egg and the nucleus: a battle for supremacy”
When: 14:00-15:00
Where: Kårhuset, LTH

“Smart Receptors on Cell Surfaces”
When: 15:15-17:00
Where: Kårhuset, LTH

N.B Kårhuset LTH:
Entrance admission from 13:30. Limited seating – please come in good time.
It will also be possible to watch the lecture on screen in the lecture hall Hörsalen at Kårhuset.

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Thesis competition on innovation

Nytt&Nyttigt is a thesis competition on the theme of innovation, commercialization and utilization organized by VINNOVA (Sweden’s innovation agency) and ESBRI (Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute). The purpose is to encourage students at Swedish universities to write theses on innovation and commercialization/utilization. More information here.

About the competition: Innovations can include new consumer products, processes, services or management solutions, both in the private and public sector. They can be commercialized or otherwise benefit the society. We hope that the competition’s contributions will provide a broad illumination of the subject, with analyses from a variety of perspectives. Some examples of interesting questions:

  • What is the relationship between R&D investments, innovation and growth?
  • How does innovation contribute to a sustainable society?
  • What conditions apply to foster innovation?
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Seminar: Problematising the Narrative of Coming Out

The Queer Seminar at Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University, welcomes all who are interested.

WhatProblematising the Narrative of Coming Out: Explorations in Indian literary texts. The coming-out narrative has in many ways been valorised as the dominant narrative for gay/lesbian subjectivity. However, where does one come out to? Are all emergences equal? Can one come out once and for all? Can one do without coming out? This talk considers these questions in relation to queer protagonists in contemporary Indian literatures, and speculates on whether the narrative of coming out doesn’t blind us to other narrativisations of what it means to inhabit a non-normative sexual/gender identity.

Who: Aneeta Rajendran, Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for gender studies, Lund University

When: December 14, Room 221, 17.15-19.00

Where: Room 221, Centre for Gender Studies, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14M, second floor. Lund University.

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Gender-Technology Relations. Exploring Stability and Change

Lecture by Dr. Hilde G. Corneliussen, associate professor in Digital Culture, University of Bergen, Norway.  In her lecture she will explore the question of stability and change in gender-technology relations in a historical perspective.  Among the examples you will meet cultural discourses warning women against being “sent back to the kitchen sink” unless they develop an interest for computers; recruitment initiatives inviting women to computer science because they are good at communicating with people; female computer experts presented as not-(masculine)-nerds; and computer competent women using femininity to surprise their environments.

  • Date: Tuesday November 27
  • Time: 15.15-16.45 followed by film ab discussion 17.00-18.00
  • Place: Room 201, Kulturanatomen, Biskopsgatan 7

Read more at HEX.

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Seminar: Mainstream media and the cultural politics of EU’s economic crisis

Wednesday November 7 there is a seminar arranged by the Department of Communication and Media, open for MACA-students as well: “Mainstream media and the cultural politics of EU’s economic crisis” by post doctoral researcher Yiannis Mylonas.

Time: 13-15

Place: The Faculty Club (close to the cafeteria in SOL)

Contact person: Tina Askanius

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Seminar: Friending the Prime Minister

The Culture and Use of Political Interaction on Social Media

What happens when people start friending their prime minister and politicians wash all their dirty laundry in front of a curious social media audience? In recent years, politicians and political parties have started to use social media extensively as part of their political campaigning in relation to local and national elections for parliament.  What does “political life” in social media look like currently and historically, and how do users in fact engage with politics and politicians? Is there such a thing as a “political culture” in the social media sphere and if so, what does it look like? This lecture will discuss these questions and more, primarily based on the study of use of social media in Danish election campaigns from 2005 to 2011.

Lecture 4 October by Lisbeth Klastrup, Associate Professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen, in Room 201 in Kulturanatomen 13.15–14.45  followed by exercises in the computer lab 15.00-16.00. Read more about this and other HEX Digital Cultures Seminar Series here.

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