What do MACA-students do after graduation?

Ann-Helen Sund, MACA 08 did a project for the Swedish Transport Administation

“They asked for a communications specialist – they needed a cultural analyst. As a ‘communications specialist’, I was asked to help the Swedish Transport Administation (Trafikverket) develop a concept for train passenger information in chaotic traffic situations. This work, including fieldwork amongst train managers and analysis of qualitative responses from passengers, was carried out in close cooperation with the different organizations that would implement the initiative, with me working more as a project member, than as an external consultant. In my opinion, every project would gain from having a cultural analyst on the team, making sure that “the problem” which the project wants to aim its actions at and bridging is real, i.e. not a product of taken for granted, cultural assumptions, and thus ensuring that the project’s models and actions will make sense and improve the situation of the people affected by these actions – in this project both from a working- and a passenger perspective.  I think chances are good that next time they will ask for a cultural analyst.”

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