Seminar: Problematising the Narrative of Coming Out

The Queer Seminar at Centre for Gender Studies, Lund University, welcomes all who are interested.

WhatProblematising the Narrative of Coming Out: Explorations in Indian literary texts. The coming-out narrative has in many ways been valorised as the dominant narrative for gay/lesbian subjectivity. However, where does one come out to? Are all emergences equal? Can one come out once and for all? Can one do without coming out? This talk considers these questions in relation to queer protagonists in contemporary Indian literatures, and speculates on whether the narrative of coming out doesn’t blind us to other narrativisations of what it means to inhabit a non-normative sexual/gender identity.

Who: Aneeta Rajendran, Postdoctoral fellow, Centre for gender studies, Lund University

When: December 14, Room 221, 17.15-19.00

Where: Room 221, Centre for Gender Studies, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14M, second floor. Lund University.

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