Graduation 2013

IMG_7852_3000pxWe’re happy to present yet another group of Masters of Applied Cultural Analysis. Congratulations MACA11: Ludivine, Ian, Su-Won, Donna, Renata, Chris, Chi-Pei, Ivanche, Cecilia, Agne, Mary, Milda, Miriam, Kasia, Elin, Ashley, Stefan, Kristiina, George and Kaisu.

IMG_7896_3000px IMG_7881_3000pxThe ceremony took place in the assembly hall at the main university building on Monday June 10. It was held together with the department’s Swedish masters programme in ABM: archival sciences, library and information studies, and museology.

Afterwards we walked to the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences for refreshments in the park together with friends and relatives.

Thanks to Cezara and Miriam from MACA12 for help with serving refreshments.

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