Master’s Theses

Most of the theses are available in full text at LUPS,  Lund University Publications Student Papers.

A Memorable Journey to the North: A Study of the Travel Experiences of Chinese Tourists in Scandinavia (Cai, Wen Tong: MACA13)

A Process of Becoming : a Digital Media Department’s Place Within the Swedish Newspaper Industry (Stenberg, Jacob: MACA08)

Academia and Activism in Feminist Practices – Applied Cultural Analysis for a NGO (Allendes Osafo, Grace Teresa: MACA10)

Added Value Food: Co-created Myth, Art and Magic in Small-scale Food Production (Dare, Rebecca: MACA10)

A Liminal Perspective on Acculturation: Liminality, Hybridity and Acculturating Individuals (Packer, Ashley: MACA11)

All About the Money: A Cultural Analysis of Financial Incentives as a Motivator for Improved Household Waste Separation (Oosterwijk, Anne: MACA13)

An Analysis of Minorities in the Workplace (Shibuta, Maiko: MACA09)

Applications of Cultural Analysis in Marketing in a Mainland Chinese Context (Gong Yu Bei: MACA08)

Att göra väl. En kvalitativ studie av välgörenhet i Sverige som konsumtionssamhälle [Doing Good Deeds: a qualitative study of charity in Sweden as a society of consumption](Lei, Chi-Pei: MACA11)

Att organisera med känsla: en fallstudie av hur en intern organisation inom svenska kyrkan, och dess problem, kan förstås [Emotional organizing: a Case study of a Swedish Church Organization] (Rydhard, Åsa: MACA08)

Att (re-)presentera kultur: om transformation av mening i ett tillämpat projekt [(Re-) Presenting Culture: On the Transformation of Meaning in an Applied Project] (Wizmeg, Andréa: MACA08)

Banking on it. A Material Culture Analysis of Contemporary Private Banking Practices (Sten, Joakim: MACA12)

Being Real By Being Me: Authenticity Production and Consumption Between an Independent Artist and Her Musical Followers (Dankic, Andrea: MACA09)

Blind Spots: Analysing Gender Discrimination in a Swedish Logistics Company (Raab, Miriam: MACA12)

Branding a University. A Case Study of Malmö University—Obstacles & Potentials of Higher Education Brands (Paulson, Karen: MACA09)

Breaking Boundaries: An Ethnographic Study of Women in Management (Comtesse, Donna: MACA11)

Building a Cultural Bridge: A study of intercultural communication between Sweden and China  (Guan Lijuan: MACA08)

Building a Science Region: Youth’s Visualization of Science (Yip, Karen: MACA10)

Cafés as Learning Places (Pereza, Ieva: MACA09)

Caring for the Caregiver: Understanding the Quality of the Te Whare Awhina Service from the Residents’ Perspective (Gottschalk, Miriam: MACA11)

Challenges for Distance Education: A cultural analytic perspective on asynchronous online courses in Sweden (Wang, Hsiang-Yu: MACA12)

Chinese Students’ Experience of Overseas Education in Poland. A Cultural Perspective (Shen Xinxin: MACA10)

City Branding on the Road – A Case Study of Malmö (Liao, Tiantian & Silva Ruiz, Raquel: MACA09)

Closing the Communities: Resistance, power and social justice in Kimberley (Francisco, Ashlen: MACA13)

Connecting routine, life order and recycling : a field study of waste management In Augustenborg (Qin Ling: MACA10)

Contested Multiethnic Social Spaces as Experiencescapes: The Case of Rosengården in Malmö, Sweden (Akele Abebe, Solomon: MACA10)

Death by Expiration Date. A Culture Analysis of Practices and Usages of Best- Before Date  (Holmqvist, Jenny: MACA09)

Det goda lånet. En tillämpad kulturanalytisk studie av idén om det goda lånet och den goda låntagaren (Knutsson, Julia: MACA12)

“Det skulle aldrig gå i Malmö”. Judisk minoritet i konflikt (Pontus Lindström, MACA09)

DIY Performance Culture of Folkets Park, Malmö: Creative Play, Community and Ownership of Public Space (Muller, Ian: MACA11)

Does hygge connect or disconnect? Cultural analysis of hygge practices in Copenhagen (Liepyte, Renata: MACA11)

Donor Driven Innovation: Using cultural analysis to stimulate strategic change in a Canadian NGO (Strader, Eric: MACA10)

Dream Factory: Magic and myth-making in football. A Case Study of the Local Football Club Malmö FF (Herd, Katarzyna: MACA11)

Expatriates and home. An ethnographic study of expatriates in Sweden and their relationship with home (Veyssiere, Ludivine: MACA10)

Experience a New Academic World: Chinese Female Students at Swedish Universities (Li Jia: MACA08)

Food Waste in Everyday Life –The Power Relationship between People and Food Waste (Jiang Xinyi: MACA08)

Generation On-the-Go : The Use of Cultural Analysis in a Youth Participation Process (Scholz, Ann-Kathrin: MACA12)

Gläntan – Ledutveckling ur ett fenomenologiskt perspektiv [Gläntan/The Clearing – Hiking trail development from a phenomenological perspective] (Hellryd, Martin: MACA12)

Going Native with the Digital: Practices, Values, and Innovation in the Information Age  (Glöß, Mareike: MACA09)

Healthy Banking: Banking and Potlatch in Reflexive Society (Snæbjörnsdóttir, Eyrún María: MACA12)

How Children Do Nature. A Phenomenological perspective of knowing the environment (Ragab, Nihal: MACA12)

How E Can Government Be? The Digitization of State Services (Raue, Steve: MACA08)

Inside and outside the Firewall – A cultural analysis of Chinese students’ Internet habits and the impact of location (Andersson, Cecilia: MACA11)

International recruitment: An intercultural solution for labor shortage? (Steinecker, Liane: MACA08)

Kafferep som kulturarv [Coffee Parties as Heritage: A Cultural Study of the Coffee Party as Revitalization](Hägg, Elin:MACA11)

Lesbian Life in Malawi: an Intersectional Study of Repressive and Constructive Power (Eleonorasdotter, Emma: MACA12)

Lund University Students, Christianity and Lund Cathedral (Donetto DeLima, Ana Carolina: MACA12)

Making Youth Innovation Visible. An Actor-Network Theory Study of the Relationship between Education Environments and Youth Innovation and Youth Innovativeness in Skåne (Dimitrievski, Ivanche: MACA11)

Malmö’s Eco-branding to the Chinese public : a Shanghai Expo case (Chang, Yurong: MACA09)

Managing Otherness: Segregation, sociality, and the planning of a sustainable Helsingborg (Sherfey, Paul: MACA09)

Mediating Cityscapes: Cultural Analysis and The Development of Urban Places (Hyler, Samantha: MACA09)

Migrant Entrepreneurs in Malmö – The Case of Restaurant Owners from Turkey (Aslam, Devrim Umut: MACA08)

Mobility and Bounding the Traveling Imagination: A Cultural Analysis of Visiting Friends and Relatives Tourism (Humbracht, Michael: MACA10)

Moms Away: Exploring Finnish Mothers’ Travel Risk Perception from an Ethnographic Perspective (Kinnunen, Kristiina: MACA11)

More Than a Family Reunion: An Ethnographic Study of Chinese Migrant Hosts in Visiting Friends and Relatives Tourism (Liu, Rui: MACA13)

More than Green. Innovation in Waste (Resource) Management Technology Through Practice-centered Design (Hoppe, Maria:MACA10)

Negotiating Bodies at the Borderlands of Eating Communities: An Ethnographic Study of Oat Milk Consumer’s Relations to Health, Identity and Social Life (Cridland, Meghan: MACA10)

New Forms of Public Presence for the Invisible Generation. Identity Formation on Social Network Sites (Zhang Jing: MACA08)

Opening the “Black Box” of Innovation The Use of Cultural Analysis in Measuring Innovation Capability (Padurariu, Cezara Andreea & Gedvilaite, Dovile: MACA12)

Packaging Swedish Health Care (Franz, Anne: MACA13)

Pics or it didn’t happen: Instagram in Prosumer Capitalism and Reflexive Modernity (Frey, Aaron: MACA10)

Places for Innovation. An Ethnographic Perspectiveon Youth and Innovation in Skåne (Pumputyte, Milda: MACA10)

Political Entrepreneurs and Regioneers: A Netnographic Study of Regional Identity and Soft Regionalism in Somerset, England (Mooney, Zachary: MACA13)

Positive examples from interfaith communication in Rhodope Mountains: Applied Cultural Analysis (Tzitzelkov, Stoil: MACA08)

Putting the “I” to Work: A Cultural Analysis of Generation Y in the Workplace (Hoffmeister, Nora: MACA13)

Residing in a World of Nations: Examining the Embedded Social Life of National Identity in the Bahamas (Francis, Rakeesha: MACA10)

Shifting Gears: Lived Experience in Cycling Transportation and Urban Mobility (Sefcik, Christina: MACA10)

Street Art and Outdoor Advertisements : the Relationship between Street Art and Outdoor Advertisements in Istiklal and Bağdat Avenues, in Istanbul (Kiratli, Melike  & Sirin, Mürvet Irem: MACA08)

Striking a Balance : A Cultural Analytical Study of a Cross-Cultural (Fagerström, Anna-Mari & Mellander, Elias: MACA08)

Taking Health Care to the Day Shift. A Pilot for a New Health Care Service in Neighborhood Pubs (Heinonen, Taneli: MACA10)

The Bookshop as an Experiencescape: The future of the physical book and bookshop in the digital era (Hill, George: MACA11)

The Cultural and Economic Dynamics of the Fijian Cacao Industry: An ANT perspective to understanding a nation’s third cacao regime (Flick, Brian: MACA10)

The New News – Can Journalism Survive the Internet? (Anna Lawton: MACA09)

The Other Side of Consumption: Sorting, Storing and Discarding in Vilnius Domestic Life (Steponaviciute, Agne: MACA11)

The “Special” Minority: Western aid and LGBTI-activism in Kisumu, Kenya (Nyrell, Sofia: MACA13)

Thessalonian Cityscapes Authenticity: A Cuturla Analysis of Foreign Students’ Experiences of Urban Space  Authenticity (Arpasanu, Rodica: MACA13)

This is My University: A cultural analysis of international students’ adjustment at Malmö University ( Mirsalehi, Talieh Alsadat: MACA13)

Timless Work in the Employees’ Pockets. 24/7 Work Availability in the 21th Century (Burguete Holmgren, Ida: MACA13)

Time-Space Flexibility @ Work: Analyzing the “Anywhere and Anytime Office” in the Entertainment, New Media and Arts Sector (De Castro Valoura, Leila: MACA09)

Tram Number Seven to Heaven : A Cultural Analysis of Trams for our Lives (Atherton, Stephen: MACA09)

Trash or Treasure? A Cultural Analysis of the Retention and Disposal of Everyday Objects (Martin, Christopher: MACA11)

Trust and Semiotics in Package Design. A cultural analysis of consumer behavior in the healthy food sector (Stefanovic, Maja: MAC13)

Understanding the Periphery: An analysis of the shared experiences of outsiders in the use and non-use of systems and platforms (Pavico, Gabriel Romeo: MACA13)

Ungdomsprojekt och projektungdom : erfarenheter från ett IT-projekt för de socialt utsatta unga [Youth Projects and Project Youth: Experiences from an IT-project for the Socially Disadvantaged Youth] (Sund, Ann-Helen: MACA08)

What is Knowledge Exchange? Urban Design and its Sites (Davis, William: MACA12)

Whistle While You Work: Work, Play and the New Economy (Shadduck, Siriporn: MACA09)

Who are the disabled? An ethnographic study of disability and accessible tourism in an urban planning project (Seiler, Jördis: MACA12)

Why are you Attracted to Helsinki? A Cultural Anaysis about sensing the Attraction of Helsinki (Biabiany, Stefan: MACA11)

Women Who Listen: What Finnish and English Speakers Hear in Sweden  (Devendorf, Kristen: MACA08)