Ph D positions in Umeå

Umeå University: 25 salaried PhD positions in the Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts at Umeå University is looking to explore new topics in the arts and humanities by investing in strong research areas for the future. We are therefore looking to employ 25 PhD students as part of this strategy of strengthening research in the arts and humanities in Umeå.–264-14.html#eng

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Positions for doctoral students

Right now there are several positions for doctoral students that would be of interest for those of you who have graduated from MACA:

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Ph.D. position in ethnology

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, Maximum 4 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Cultural Sciences, Lund
First day of employment: 1 September 2013
Official Records Number: HTPA 2013/43

The Deadline for receiving applications is 2013-03-01

Please note that as part of your application you must include a research project proposal of no more than 1500 words. In the proposal you should clearly define the objective of your doctoral research, and explain how it will contribute to the field of study you are interested in. In doing this you should relate your research objective to both past and ongoing research in your field of interest and indicate the theoretical perspective(s) you anticipate to work with. The proposal should also contain a methodological discussion and time table explaining how and along what time lines you shall conduct your research. Please note that the list of literature references that you include with your proposal are not counted as part of the 1500 word limit.

In order to obtain the application form for the position and to read more about what documents and information must be included in the application please follow this link (English) or this (svenska).

Click here to learn more about what is involved in doctoral studies in Sweden and Lund University.


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Organic Food and Photographic Images

Here’s two seminars that might be interesting for MACA students.

1) Thursday 31 January Jón Þor Pétursson, doctoral student in ethnology, presents his thesis project at Room 202, Kulturanatomen. The seminar lasts from 13-15. If you like to attend, send an e-mail to seminar leader Lars-Eric Jönsson to get the text that will be discussed: “Organic People. Organic Capital and the Co-Production of Organic Food”.

2) Wedenesday 6 February Dr Ilija Tomanic, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, lectures on “Researching the Photographic Image”. This is is seminar arranged by the Department of Communication and Media and takes place 13-15 in The Faculty Club at the SOL-Centre. For questions, contact Tina Askanius.



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