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There have been very few updates for this page lately, due to various reasons. We have therefor decided to stop posting here and instead use our Facebook page. You find us at “Master’s Programme in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University”. Many of the MACA classes during the years since we started the programme in 2008 have or have had their own groups, which are sometimes closed. But this is the official page and it is open for all: previous, current and future MACA-students, as well as other curious and interested people. Welcome!



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Open seminars

Here are a couple of seminars that may be of interest to some of you current or previous MACA-students:

21 September: Tim Ingold from the Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen: “One World Anthropology”. It’s in Geocentrum II, Sölvegatan 12, room Pangea. Time: 10:15-12:00.

21 September: Gerard Coll Planas, Universitat de Vic, Spain: “Gender, Class and Capital – Trans lives in Barcelona”.It’s in the department of Gender Studies, M building, Allhelgona Kyrkogata 14, room M:226. Time: 13.00-15.00.


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Congratulations MACA14!



Congratulations Mihaela, Nicola, Nhung, Cristina, Elen, Marie, Meenakshi, Laura, Daniel, Ivana, Isabel, Daria, Liang, Feng, Jennifer, Carissa, Natalia, Kit, Yuanxu and Yuanyuan!

Just realised there was no photo of the graduation ceremony for MACA 14 here. Sorry! But better late than never. Here is a photo from 8 June 2016. More is to be found here. Congratulations, Masters of Art!

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MACA students rebranding Lovice ice cream

LoviceFollowing previous successful projects carried by MACA students for the Healthy Marketing Team (HMT), an international consultancy, this year a team of five MACA14 students made a study of how to match the Swedish ice cream brand with its target market. After four months of hard work the students gave a presentation about the results in Ideon Science Park to the representatives of the project stakeholders (the HMT, BoFood and IKEA GreenTech) and introduced their vision of the brand including a prototype for a new ice cream package.

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MACA14 on health, seniors and activity

StudiebesökPresentation2We’re happy to welcome our new MACA-students, MACA14!
Their first project is centered around health, seniors and activity. The other day they presented their findings for the client, a training and health centre in Presentation 4Lund, and came up with many good ideas and suggestions for how it could improve. Well done everybody! We’re looking forward to two exciting years together with you.

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Positions for doctoral students

Right now there are several positions for doctoral students that would be of interest for those of you who have graduated from MACA:

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