New semester, new courses


Fika is necessary!




What with the snow and the temperature constantly below zero spring feels quite far away. But nevertheless, the spring semester has begun and that means new courses for both MACA12 and MACA13. Today MACA13 had  introduction meetings for TKAN15 Strategies for Cultural Analysis as well as for TKAN12 Fieldwork and Project Management. Thursday last week MACA12, who will concentrate on the course TKAM02 Master’s Thesis the entire semester, met for a TQRS-seminar:  we discussed the topic, question, rationale and significance for each of the theses.

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Such great students!

A couple of weeks ago MACA11 presented their almost-finished-but-not-quite-yet-theses at a marathon seminar lasting for three days. Each thesis was discussed for almost an hour, first by two students responsible for reading in detail, and then by the rest of the seminar. The discussions were really good – we have such intelligent, competent and nice students. Well done everybody!

Three days of interesting discussions with MACA11

MACA12 have presented their projects for the clients in the course Fieldwork and Project Management and did really well. Now they’re writing their individual reports and preparing for the examination next week.  It’s amazing – here’s another group of intelligent, competent and nice students! It’s great to be a MACA-teacher!

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Thesis competition on innovation

Nytt&Nyttigt is a thesis competition on the theme of innovation, commercialization and utilization organized by VINNOVA (Sweden’s innovation agency) and ESBRI (Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute). The purpose is to encourage students at Swedish universities to write theses on innovation and commercialization/utilization. More information here.

About the competition: Innovations can include new consumer products, processes, services or management solutions, both in the private and public sector. They can be commercialized or otherwise benefit the society. We hope that the competition’s contributions will provide a broad illumination of the subject, with analyses from a variety of perspectives. Some examples of interesting questions:

  • What is the relationship between R&D investments, innovation and growth?
  • How does innovation contribute to a sustainable society?
  • What conditions apply to foster innovation?
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