Seminar: Friending the Prime Minister

The Culture and Use of Political Interaction on Social Media

What happens when people start friending their prime minister and politicians wash all their dirty laundry in front of a curious social media audience? In recent years, politicians and political parties have started to use social media extensively as part of their political campaigning in relation to local and national elections for parliament.  What does “political life” in social media look like currently and historically, and how do users in fact engage with politics and politicians? Is there such a thing as a “political culture” in the social media sphere and if so, what does it look like? This lecture will discuss these questions and more, primarily based on the study of use of social media in Danish election campaigns from 2005 to 2011.

Lecture 4 October by Lisbeth Klastrup, Associate Professor at the IT-University of Copenhagen, in Room 201 in Kulturanatomen 13.15–14.45  followed by exercises in the computer lab 15.00-16.00. Read more about this and other HEX Digital Cultures Seminar Series here.

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HEX seminar: At the Confluence of Ideologies

Patrick T. Gavin and Ahmad M. Kamal, Faculty of Media and Information, University of Western Ontario, London, Kanada
April 27, 13.15–15
Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund. Room 202, 1st floor, in Kulturanatomen at Biskopsgatan 7.
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Debate: the internet and freedom

The Internet is free, but dominated by giants like Google and Facebook. Who guarantees the integrity of the individual? Who safeguards democracy? Do social media make us freer or do we become more controlled, caught up in new norms and social roles?
Debatt i Lund is a series of debates between Lund University researchers, guests and the public.
Date: 2012-04-24
Time: 20-
Place: Café Athen, AF, Lund
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